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We focus on getting female entrepreneurs to build a business that honors their financial aspirations and ways of living.
From Transforming your relationship with money in business and earning more to learning how to manage your resources for financial freedom.


Money Unleashed in 2024


You want to reprogram your mind to increase income and drop anxiety but have limited time. This is exactly your solution.

Money Mindset For Female Entrepreneurs


You’ve hit a wall. No matter what you do, more money is not coming in. Time to unlock it, and increase income.

Money Mindset For Female Entrepreneurs

Transform Your Relationship with Money

You have a negative or non-existence relationship with money. You want to make money and feel good with money in your life You are ready to unlock all levels of abundance for your business and life.

Money Mindset Expert


Some sales here and there are not working out for you. You want to grow your business so you can have a consistent and reliable income. You are ready to receive more and grow.

Money Mindset Expert
Money Mindset Expert

Our Founder

Hi Wealthy Soul! – I’m Alejandra Rojas, Finance Professional, Coach, Money Mindset Focus Expert, and Speaker.

I’m obsessed with money and human behavior and helping entrepreneurs to become the most profitable version of themselves.

It’s my life mission to debunk all the hardship around making, keeping, and multiplying money as a woman in business. After reaching rock bottom, when money burnout re-activated an old life-threatening sickness again in my body, I knew I had to design a method to prevent trading my life for money and, moreover to allow more money to come.

Welcome to The Money Mindset Hub, your go-to destination for female entrepreneur coaching and money mindset programs… 

Ready to dive in?

Investing in your own Money Mindset can be scary, we know that. Your mind will quickly find reasons WHY this is not the right moment to act and start to do this work. But that is exactly why you should start today.


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Alejandra is amazing! She brings genuine empathy to a session and helps you get clarity on the money mindset issues you need to tackle. I felt hopeful, excited, and absolutely heard with Alejandra! This is no ordinary work… she puts you on the path and lays the groundwork needed for your money mindset journey.  Thank you, Alejandra!


Wellness Coach

Aleja! I’m so thankful for your time and help. I absolutely loved our work, you have helped me realise so many things I need to heal. Thank you for your knowledge and important questions that are improving my relationship with money. You are the best!


Energy Coach

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