About Alejandra Rojas
Your Money Mindset Expert

The Journey to Financial Empowerment

Alejandra Rojas, a Money Mindset Expert, has always been passionate about personal growth and financial freedom. However, her own journey wasn’t without its challenges. Alejandra experienced the highs and lows of financial struggle, and a burnout that led her to faint on a bus one day. This turning point made her realize the importance of prioritizing health, happiness, and personal vision over the never-ending pursuit of financial success.

With a renewed mindset, Alejandra began her mission to help others achieve financial stability without sacrificing their well-being. She dedicated herself to coaching, speaking, and educating, empowering individuals and businesses to thrive financially by bringing their future vision, systems, and mindset into the present moment.

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Creating a World of Financial Freedom and Fulfillment

My mission is to create a world where financial freedom and personal fulfillment coexist. By guiding individuals and businesses in nurturing a healthy relationship with money, I help them unlock their full potential without compromising their happiness, health, or vision.

With over seven years of experience in the finance world, I have not only developed a deep understanding of the challenges people face when it comes to money but also a great passion to help others see money in a more useful way. Although I hold the certifications for financial coaching, mind programming, and coaching with a trauma-informed approach to me the greatest asset would be to make personal finance all about the person and its goal.

I do this through The Money Mindset Hub Programs, My Podcast “Dear Lack, Let’s Break Up” and my areas of expertise such trauma-informed financial success, financial wellness, overcoming limiting beliefs around money, and financial planning for small businesses. (You can find all programs and offereings here)

Empowering Individuals and Businesses

Alejandra’s compassionate and effective coaching approach has transformed the lives of countless clients. From helping individuals break free from financial barriers to guiding businesses in optimizing their financial strategies, her impact is undeniable. Through her workshops and speaking engagements, Alejandra has empowered audiences with the tools and mindset to achieve financial freedom and success.

Creating a World of Financial Freedom

Alejandra’s mission is to create a world where financial freedom is attainable for everyone. By combining her expertise in personal finance with a deep understanding of mindset, she is committed to helping individuals and businesses build healthy relationships with money and achieve lasting financial success. With her unique approach to coaching and speaking, Alejandra provides the guidance and support needed to unlock one’s full financial potential.

Begin Your Journey to Financial Mastery Today

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