About The Money Mindset Hub

About The Money Mindset Hub: Money Mindset and Financial Growth Programs for Female Entrepreneurs

Welcome to The Money Mindset Hub, your go-to destination for Money Mindset Coaching and Financial Growth Programs tailored specifically for female entrepreneurs and BIPOC business owners.

Our comprehensive approach includes a blend of money mindset courses, coaching, and resources designed to empower you to transform your relationship with money. Whether you’re looking to change your money mindset, enhance holistic financial literacy, or achieve sustainable financial growth, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

How to increase income in your second or third year as a business owner

What Do We Do Inside of The Money Mindset Hub.

At The Money Mindset Hub, we specialize in Money Mindset Coaching that addresses the unique financial challenges and opportunities faced by female entrepreneurs and BIPOC business owners. Our programs focus on cultivating a healthy  money relationship, fostering financial growth, and enhancing financial literacy through our signature MESS method. Through our Money Mindset Courses and personalized coaching, we provide the tools and strategies needed to change your money mindset and unlock your financial potential.

Products and Services Offered. 

Programs Available For Complete Financial Growth

MESS No More: Designed for business owners dreaming of financial clarity and holistic financial alignment. It’s a cornerstone of our Money Mindset Coaching, helping you to align your financial goals with your business vision effectively.

The Brownish Way (coming soon): Tailored for the BIPOC business owner, this program focuses on financial growth for the Afro-Latina and BIPOC business owner. 

Money Unleashed: Ideal for entrepreneurs seeking to understand in a simple way the structured financial freedom path.

The SPS Series: Smart Pricing Secrets. This comprehensive financial clearing program addresses the critical issue of underpricing, undercharging, and under-earning. It’s a transformative part of our Money Mindset Coaching, designed to help you achieve the most profitable version of your business.

Who Do We Work With – Clients of The Money Mindset Hub

Our clients range from aspiring female entrepreneurs to seasoned BIPOC business owners looking to change their money mindset and achieve financial growth. Our Money Mindset Courses and coaching are tailored to meet you at any stage of your financial journey, providing the support and tools needed for success.

About The Money Mindset Hub Founder, Alejandra Rojas

Alejandra Rojas, an Afro-Latina trauma-informed finance professional, is the visionary founder of The Money Mindset Hub. She’s a dedicated Money Mindset Mentor and host of The Money Mindset Show, committed to supporting entrepreneurs through her effective M.E.S.S. method and Money Mindset Courses.More About Alejandra Rojas by Visiting www.alejandrar.com.


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