Are you ready to uncover the unexpected link between family dynamics, financial freedom, and clearing deep-rooted money trauma?

Alejandra Rojas, a Latina business owner, takes you on a journey through the cultural and family influences that impact her path to financial freedom.

But here’s the twist—her unique approach to clearing financial trauma and achieving financial freedom is unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Get ready to be captivated as Alejandra shares her personal experiences, using a method that may just change the way you think about financial freedom. The surprising insights she uncovers will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about financial success.

Join us as we unravel the unexpected connections between cultural, family influences and financial freedom. You won’t want to miss this eye-opening journey. Stay tuned for the full story!


In this episode of The Money Mindset Show, Alejandra Rojas, a Financial Professional Focused on Money Trauma explores the impact of cultural and family influences on achieving financial freedom.

Drawing from her experience as a business owner and Latina woman, she sheds light on how family-centric values within certain cultures can shape individuals’ attitudes towards money and financial decisions.

Alejandra emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and embracing these influences, rather than trying to suppress them, and underscores the ongoing effort required to overcome ingrained beliefs and responsibilities related to family and finances.

By sharing her personal journey and offering strategies for clearing financial trauma and attaining financial freedom, Alejandra provides valuable insights for business owners navigating cultural and family influences on their path to financial freedom.

Her practical guidance and relatable anecdotes make this episode essential listening for those seeking to transcend financial constraints and realize genuine freedom.

1. Family Narratives and Financial Decisions taken by Business Owners


We’ve all had those dinner table conversations revolving around money, haven’t we?

These family narratives often shape our relationship with money as individuals and business owners and very subtly, often unconsciously, guide our financial decisions and our path to financial freedom.

The narratives can take various forms and intensities, and though they may be challenging to navigate around, ignoring them might not be the best solution.

Alejandra has had her moments of struggle with these narratives too, experiencing deep-rooted beliefs and familial obligations that rise to the surface, triggering fear and doubt precisely when she is about to set a new financial goal.

But does she let that deter her? Nope! She taps into her RRT community to lean on them for support and to release old narratives that may hold her back. It’s about facing these narratives head-on and working their way through them.

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2. Cultural Impact on Financial Freedom


It’s always quite fascinating to see how our upbringing and culture shape us, isn’t it?

As Alejandra explores, these influences can have a significant impact on our relationship with money, even as business owners. It’s particularly true when you think about more family-oriented societies, where the sense of community is often linked with the sense of financial responsibility. It’s a stark contrast to more individualistic cultures, but does that make it any less valid? Absolutely not. Accepting these differences paves the way for a broader understanding of financial freedom.

As Alejandra dives into her personal experiences, she shares how her tight-knit family unit has had a significant influence on her financial decisions. Those phone calls with parents, the constant exchange of ideas – it all feeds into her broader perspective on money and financial obligation.

These influences aren’t something she is looking to flush out, but rather understand better and, in turn, use them to guide her journey towards financial independence.

3. Identity and Cultural Influence

Identity plays a significant role in our lives. It moulds our thoughts, marks our choices and definitely leaves a mark on our financial goals. But the key is, understanding that it’s okay.

Our cultural influence, familial ties – they all feed into our identity and, in turn, our perspective towards financial independence.

For someone like Alejandra Rojas, who values her cultural identity hugely, this is definitely the case. She consciously acknowledges her cultural values that might be perceived as somewhat toxic or at least atypical by some. But they are, unequivocally, a part of her life.

As someone living on a different continent, daily interactions with her parents play a crucial role in shaping her financial outlook and making decisions regarding her business or personal life.


4. Transforming Family Challenges into Strengths

Every family comes with its unique set of challenges, and it’s natural for those challenges to ripple into your business and financial life as well.

It could be as simple as complicated as deep-seated beliefs about money. And often, it’s these family challenges that tend to surface when you’re treading down the financial fitness lane.

Alejandra, for example, talks about how the beliefs ingrained in her through years of family interactions, come up when chasing a new goal in her business or personal life. But she chooses not to view these as roadblocks.

Instead, she works on understanding these challenges, transforming them into her strengths, thereby forming her unique pathway to financial freedom.

It’s a journey, and as Alejandra reaffirms, the focus should be to face these challenges head on, overcome them and keep moving forward.


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