Are you’re feeling stuck in a cycle of endless debt and financial stress? Perhaps you’re attending every business owner networking event and pitch competition, but still not seeing the growth and profits you desire.

If you’re constantly juggling bills and struggling to make ends meet despite putting in long hours at work, then you are not alone! As a business owner it can be frustrating to see others achieve financial freedom while you’re still feeling the weight of financial insecurity.

Let’s discover how business owners and entrepreneurs can attain financial stability and freedom in their businesses, gain control of their finances and pave the way for growth and success.

Learn practical strategies and insights for achieving lasting financial stability and freedom in your business diving right into a subject close to Financial Professional Focused on Money Trauma Alejandra Roja’s heart – creating a financially stable and prosperous business.

It’s something I’ve grappled with in my own journey as a business owner. Starting out, I was just like you, full of ideas and ambitions, but a bit unsure of how to navigate the path to financial freedom. I had to learn how to tackle limiting beliefs, plan effectively for the future, and make strategic decisions that would propel my business forward. I’m excited to share with you exactly how I did it, and guide you on your journey toward financial stability and freedom.


In this episode of The Money Mindset Show, Alejandra Rojas explores the challenges that hinder businesses from attaining financial stability and freedom.

Based on her interactions with clients, she emphasizes the importance of clarity, goal-setting and strategic planning for business owners to steer their companies toward long-term success.

She provides valuable insights on addressing limiting beliefs and traumas that impede business growth, while advocating for a clear vision and intention to overcome these obstacles.

By outlining the five key factors that keep businesses in the infancy stage, Alejandra offers actionable steps for business owners to propel their businesses towards financial freedom.

Her relatable and practical approach makes this episode essential listening for small business owners and entrepreneurs aiming to overcome common hurdles and establish a path towards financial stability and freedom in their ventures.

1. Business owner: achieve financial stability with these proven strategies


It’s a universal fact that all business owners dream of experiencing financial stability and freedom through their business venture. However, achieving this feat is not straightforward.

It requires a business mindset that isn’t just focused on generating revenue, but instead emphasizes on creating a business model that can sustain itself while generating profits.

It’s about thinking big, planning for the future, and embracing a strategic approach to business operations.

According to Alejandra Rojas, many business owners keep their businesses in the ‘baby stage.’ Mainly, this happens due to a lack of understanding of what financial freedom truly implies. She suggests that rather than focusing solely on revenue, one should treat their business as an investment, a tool that could eventually provide them with financial independence.

Recognizing your business as a potential journey towards financial freedom can prove to be a game-changer.

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2. Break free from limiting beliefs to unlock your business potential



Limiting beliefs often stand between business owners and financial freedom. These beliefs and business-related traumas might prevent seeing the business’s full potential or treating it as anything more than a side project.

Clarity of intention can chart the path towards business success. Being unsure or unclear about your business goals can lead to confusion and lack of progress.

In contrast, having a concise vision and clear understanding of what you wish to achieve can steer your business towards growth and prosperity.

Alejandra Rojas highlights the importance of clear intentions as a business owner. She mentions that:

“In a sea of tasks that need to be done, it’s effortless to feel overwhelmed and lose sight of the actual goals”.

However, understanding different seasons of a business and strategizing accordingly can help in reducing confusion and making tasks more achievable.

Creating clarity of intention can indeed reduce the complexity of tasks, helping to simplify and streamline processes leading to business success. By cultivating a clear vision and commitment, business owners can challenge and conquer the constraining beliefs, hopefully transforming their business into a prosperous venture.

3. Learn to plan for long-term business success with the expert insights of a business owner


Creating a roadmap to financial freedom is often a complex process for business owners, filled with obstacles and diversions.

However, understanding this process and diligently following the steps can lead to the actualization of your dream.

Recognizing limiting factors, preparing for the future, and devising a strategic plan are some essential steps towards achieving financial freedom.

From Alejandra’s perspective, significant growth in business, especially transforming an enterprise into a tool for financial freedom, is a process. It requires addressing key factors like clarity of intention, limiting beliefs, commitment, strategic understanding of the business’s full scope, and readiness to embrace change.

By actively engaging with these factors, business owners can transform their businesses from a fledgling enterprise to a mature and financially prosperous entity.

4. Transform your business from infancy to sustainable growth


What happens when a business remains in the ‘baby stage’? Alejandra Rojas points out that when businesses fail to evolve and stay stagnant, they end up consuming more without yielding enough.

For a business to flourish and transform into a tool for financial freedom, it is crucial for business owners to confront and overcome the factors that hold them back. Establishing a business that continually demands energy, time, and monetary resources without showing any signs of growth could lead to exhaustion without yielding the desired outcome.

One crucial aspect of building a successful business is affirming your unwavering commitment to it. Business owner, know that treating your venture as a secondary option or an afterthought can inhibit its growth.

The business sphere demands dedication, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of growth. When viewed as merely an option, it’s easy to make compromises that will significantly affect the business’ trajectory.

Building a sustainable business model that can adapt and evolve is paramount to ensuring financial stability and progress.

In this episode, of The Money Mindset Show, Alejandra stresses the importance of treating your business as more than just an option. She strongly underlines the need to prioritize your business and cultivate a strategic vision for its development. She shares five factors that often keep businesses from growing, which include confusion, treating business as an option, lack of understanding business scope, lack of commitment, and fear of change.

Commitment is indeed one of the cornerstones of business growth and vitality. As she advises, business owners need to stop viewing their businesses as optional side hustles and instead treat them as the robust enterprises they aspire to.


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