Uncover the surprising truth about numerology and money. Discover how this spiritual practice can impact your financial success in ways you never expected, business owner.

You’ve probably been told that the day you register your business or perform a specific ritual with numbers will magically make you successful. But let’s face it, the pain of not getting results from these ineffective actions can be frustrating.

If this sounds familiar, then let’s explore a more authentic approach to financial success that aligns with your spiritual balance. Find out more about the unexpected connection between numerology and money that could forever change the way you approach your finances as a business owner.

There’s a difference between spirituality and superstition. Spirituality is, I trust the universe, and superstition is I want to control the universe. – Andrew Gabelic.


In this episode Alejandra Rojas, Financial Professional Focused on Money Trauma, takes business owners on a deep dive into the fascinating world of numerology and its impact on financial success with the help of Andrew Gabelic, the brain behind ‘Teledipity’, an innovative numerology app that offers insights to guide individuals through their daily lives.

Inspired by his grandmother’s unorthodox yet spiritually rich lifestyle, Andrew’s journey into numerology and entrepreneurship is a testament to the powerful influence of spiritual wisdom on financial success.

His unique insights and deep understanding of numerology’s connection to money make him an ideal guest for this episode, which is aimed at business owners seeking to harmonise their financial goals with spiritual balance. Andrew brings a refreshing approach to numerology that blends spiritual concepts with everyday practicality.

Don’t miss out on this eye-opening revelation business owner, that could transform your financial journey.

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1. Embrace spirituality as a business owner

Numerology-Demystified-Expert-Explains-to-Business-Owners- How-It-Really-Works

In the realm of entrepreneurship, embracing spirituality can significantly impact one’s business mindset and approach. It involves recognizing the interconnectedness of personal beliefs and professional endeavors, leading to a more holistic and aligned business strategy.

By integrating spiritual practices into daily operations, business owners can cultivate a deeper sense of purpose, connection, and fulfillment in their work. This integration can also foster creativity, resilience, and compassion in navigating challenges and decision-making processes within the business landscape.

Andrew Gabelic shared valuable insights on how spirituality influences his business, particularly through the lens of numerology. His discussion highlighted the importance of aligning personal values with entrepreneurial pursuits, emphasizing the ethical considerations of running a business in harmony with one’s spiritual beliefs.

By sharing his journey of intertwining spirituality with entrepreneurship, Andrew provided a nuanced perspective on how embracing spirituality can not only enhance business success but also lead to a more meaningful and fulfilling entrepreneurial experience.

2. Spiritual Journey and Personal Identity Influence Your Money Mindset

Numerology-Demystified-Expert-Explains-to-Business-Owners- How-It-Really-Works

The connection between personal identity and money mindset plays a crucial role in shaping individuals’ financial attitudes and behaviors, especially if you are a business owner.

How one perceives themselves, their values, and their beliefs can significantly influence their approach to money management, financial decisions, and overall wealth accumulation.

Understanding the impact of identity on money mindset involves introspection, self-awareness, and the recognition of any underlying beliefs or patterns that may be driving financial behaviors. By exploring the intersection of identity and money, individuals can gain clarity on their financial motivations, priorities, and goals, leading to more intentional and empowered money management practices.

Andrew Gabelic shared compelling insights on how his spiritual journey and personal identity have shaped his relationship with money and entrepreneurship. Through his experiences, Andrew highlighted the importance of aligning one’s core identity with their financial pursuits, emphasizing the significance of authenticity and integrity in navigating financial success.

By reflecting on his own path of self-discovery and spiritual exploration, Andrew offered valuable perspectives on how embracing one’s true identity can positively impact their money mindset and overall financial well-being.

3. Numerology can be the key to financial success for business owners


Fundamentally, the idea of numerology contributing to financial success in entrepreneurship revolves around the notion of aligning one’s professional path with core spiritual beliefs.

The practice of numerology involves understanding the inherent energetic significance and potential influence of numbers in our lives. This methodology is believed to have an impact on different aspects of our existence, including our professional and financial realms.

As a non-traditional approach, incorporating numerology in entrepreneurship has the potential to offer unique insights that can guide decision-making processes, optimize business strategies, and enhance personal growth, which indirectly contributes to financial success.

Reflecting upon the conversation with Andrew Gabelic, it becomes evident that for business owners the application of numerology can provide a deeper understanding of one’s life purpose and cyclical patterns. They can align their professional pursuits with their personal life’s rhythm.

For instance, through his numerology-based platform ‘Teledipity’, Andrew has primarily focused on sharing knowledge and forming meaningful connections before he considered monetization. This indicates his emphasis on authenticity, value creation, and spiritual alignment which he suggests ultimately leads to natural financial growth. His journey also underlines the significance of striking a balance between purely materialistic pursuits and spiritual growth in entrepreneurship. 

From the perspective of numerology, every number carries a certain energy and influence that can be more potent during specific periods. Recognizing these periods can provide strategic insights for business owners to undertake particular actions or decisions. The rationale behind recognizing the connection between numerology and financial success in entrepreneurship is to advance one’s journey towards self-realization and fulfillment.

This idea goes beyond financial success and draws attention to the importance of integrating spiritual elements into business practices. These principles can contribute to creating a more conscious and sustainable business model that resonates with the business owner’s personal beliefs and values, offering a comprehensive perspective towards achieving financial success. 

4. Practices to avoid money pursuits overshadowing personal growth and self-discovery


The pursuit of money, while necessary to sustain one’s lifestyle, can often overshadow other critical aspects of life, such as personal growth and self-discovery. The key to avoid letting this happen is finding the right balance.

This requires understanding that wealth isn’t just about monetary gain; it also includes emotional, mental and spiritual richness. It’s about realizing the true value of your time, your passion, unique skills, and the impact you can make on people and society at large. It’s about prioritizing personal and spiritual growth as much as you would prioritize your financial goals.

This episode’s guest, Andrew Gabelic, sheds light on this concept, emphasizing his beliefs which have come through strongly in his journey as a business owner in developing the numerology app, TeleDipity. He highlighted how he offered most of the app’s features for free, with a philosophy deeply rooted in sharing knowledge and building a strong, loyal following before thinking about monetizing the platform.

This was a perfect example of him valuing knowledge sharing and creating impact over mere profit-making. He stresses that the money will naturally follow once there is a strong connection with the audience and a positive influence on their lives.

Andrew himself confessed that he found the biggest financial success when he prioritized these elements over direct monetary gains. The significance of maintaining balance between the pursuit of money and personal growth cannot be overstated for our ideal audience – entrepreneurs and spiritual seekers. It helps form a foundation for sustainable success, both in terms of career and personal fulfillment.

In the rush to make money, we often lose sight of our passions, our uniqueness and overlook opportunities for personal evolution. This could lead to dissatisfaction and an unfulfilled feeling despite having financial success.

On the other hand, prioritizing self-discovery and personal growth doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your monetary goals. As Andrew’s journey shows us, it could, in fact, enhance your financial success in a more meaningful and fulfilling way. By adding value and impacting others positively, one indeed harnesses the power to attract wealth and prosperity in its true sense.

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