Do you want to break free from financial trauma and achieve abundance in your business? Financial Professional Focused on Money Trauma, Alejandra Rojas will reveal the solution to reprogramming your subconscious mind for financial freedom, so you can experience the success you desire.

Imagine unlocking the power of your mind to attract wealth and prosperity effortlessly. It’s time to rewire your thinking, release financial trauma and unleash your business’s full potential.

Reprogramme your subconscious for financial freedom as the limitations of small business are challenged. I will guide you through clearing financial trauma and manifesting unlimited success.


In this episode of The Money Mindset Show, Alejandra Rojas dives into the power of the subconscious mind and language to clear our financial traumas and shape our mindset.

She emphasizes how our everyday language impacts our energy and subconscious behavior towards money, shedding light on the often overlooked influence of small business connotations and the need for intentional language for clearing financial trauma and in redefining financial success.

Drawing from her own experiences, Alejandra Rojas explains how her upbringing shaped her perception of small businesses and how she overcame limiting beliefs to create a framework for financial success.

By challenging listeners to imagine their businesses beyond the traditional narrative and embracing intentional language, she offers practical insights to reprogram subconscious minds for financial freedom. In the progtram, Moneymade Easy, she provides a roadmap for achieving financial success in twelve months.

“I encourage small business owners to reconsider their language and mindset, offering a fresh perspective on overcoming financial trauma and manifesting financial abundance”, Alejandra.

This episode is a must-listen for small business owners looking to reshape their financial mindset and attain lasting success.

1. Using language to release financial trauma and reprogram the subconscious mind for business success


Have you ever discovered that something you’ve been unconsciously thinking or doing is affecting your success? The same thing can happen with our financial success.

Alejandra Rojas talked about how a shift in our language and mindset can reprogram our subconscious minds for financial success. The language we use and the mindset we adopt can actually programme our subconscious to behave in a certain way. 

Financial trauma is having limiting beliefs about money and your business. Why can’t business owners adopt a ‘success’ or ‘growth’ mindset as easily as they can adopt limiting beliefs? It sounds simple, but truly adopting this mindset can actually manifest into tangible success

You see, it all starts by changing our internal conversations, because as they say, the journey to success begins in the mind. If you believe it, you can achieve it! So yeah, maybe it sounds a bit cliché, but hey, clichés usually hold a lot of truth, don’t they?”

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2. The limiting perception of a “small business.”


You know when you hear the term “small business,” it often comes with a certain image and probably concepts of cautious growth and calculated risk, this can be seen as a financial trauma as well.

There isn’t anything wrong with being careful and calculated in business. But imagine if you put so many safety nets that you limit your ability to reach greater heights?

Alejandra shared her enlightening journey of redefining her own business. She moved away from identifying as a small business, an idea that she saw was limiting her success potential. Through this reflection, we gain a useful perspective – that the language we use defines our business, it conditions our aspirations and expectations.

Instead of sticking to a “small business” mindset, why not aim for a vision with no limits, with boundless growth and success?

3. Financial trauma: the role that subconscious mind play in our daily financial decisions.

The part played by our subconscious mind in financial decisions is significant and subtle. Often, routine activities like paying bills and making purchases happen on autopilot, implying a well-engrained subconscious pathway at work. However, these routines aren’t always in our best interest.

The influence of the subconscious mind extends to perceptions around money, financial trauma which can be laden with feelings of worry, scarcity, or guilt, instead of abundance and possibility.

This affects our financial decisions, sometimes causing a discrepancy between what we consciously want (e.g., wealth, security) and the decisions we end up making (avoiding investments due to fear, not raising prices due to lack of confidence, etc.).

Reflecting on my journey, this became clearer to me when I critically examined the language associated with my company. I initially thought of it as a “small business”.


While there’s nothing wrong with that term, it subtly signalled to Alejandra´s subconscious that her business was limited in scope and had a ceiling. The language she was using was influencing her perceptions and consequently her business decisions. She realised that she needed to release financial trauma and change her mindset and language in order to envision and drive her business to greater success.

This meant moving away from viewing her business as ‘small’ and instead seeing it as a ‘growth-oriented business.’ Recognizing and addressing the subconscious mind’s influence is crucial because it’s the underlying foundation of our financial behaviors. Aligning our subconscious beliefs with our conscious financial goals can lead to more beneficial financial habits and decisions.

For instance, instead of being stymied by fear or self-doubt, we start seeing opportunities for growth and expansion. So, the idea isn’t about negating or bypassing the subconscious mind but understanding its influence and consciously directing it towards financial success.

As in my case, subtly changing the language associated with my business had a ripple effect on my subconscious beliefs and consequently, on my business decisions, driving it towards expansive growth rather than unintentional limitation, dictated by finanacial trauma.

There lies the profound impact of the subconscious mind on our daily financial decisions.

4. Redefining your business to manifest success


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “You become what you believe.” Now, what if we take this principle and apply it to how we perceive our businesses? Could changing how we define them lead us to our desired financial progress and success?

Alejandra Rojas recommends just that — to call our businesses as we wish to see them.

It’s not just about branding or marketing jargons; it’s about embracing a larger vision and highlighting the unlimited possibilities that lay ahead. Picture your business as thriving, a leader in its field, pioneering, or whatever you aspire it to be.

A little shift in how you call your business could spell a big difference in your journey to financial success.

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