Hi Dear Founder!

Let me tell you that we’re VERY close to finalizing our much-anticipated program.

After more than a year of hard work and dedication, we’re nearly ready to launch it in the second half of this year.

This course is entirely focused on “Practical steps, mindset, and behavioral changes with money for BBIPOC founders.” It will include access to an online space where you can find all of our resources—over five modules of teachings, necessary financial templates to simplify your processes, exclusive masterclasses from top BIPOC creators, and a live community.

This program is essentially a complete brain dump and evolution of everything we know about subconscious financial literacy, business growth, and wealth management for founders. – I know! It’s exactly what our community is missing so that we can finally break free from financial constraints.

We’re going to tackle all the mindset, behavioral, and practical challenges on your financial journey and provide a community to exchange ideas and grow together.

However, I need your help to cross the finish line. Before I press “publish” on this content, I need to ensure I’ve covered everything important.

That’s where you come in. Could you please take a few moments to answer this super short survey? There’s really just one thing I need to ask you:

What are your two top questions about growing financially with your business in terms of mindset, behaviors, or practical steps that I absolutely NEED to address in our program?