Are you ready for a surprising revelation about the hidden financial trauma that could be holding your business back? 

You might think you’re in control, but there are deep-seated beliefs and experiences from your past silently shaping your financial decisions today. It’s not just about the numbers in your bank account; it’s about generational, self-reflectional, systemic, and contextual financial trauma that’s been holding you back without you even realizing it. And the most unexpected part? These traumas are directly impacting your business growth and financial freedom.

It is about recognizing how deeply our identity, and this is the key, how deeply our identity and self worth and deservingness are interwind are connected with our financial reality. Alejandra Rojas, Financial Professional Focused on Money Trauma.

Want to know more about financial trauma for business owners, how to break free from these invisible barriers and create a new money mindset? Stay tuned for the eye-opening journey ahead.

Self-Worth and Money Healing Financial Trauma For Business Owners From Self-Reflection

In this episode of  Financial Trauma for Business Owners, you can find some relief in knowing that you’re not alone. Alejandra Rojas, Financial Professional Focused on Money Trauma has been in your shoes.

With personal experiences ranging from confronting her own self-reflection trauma to challenging systemic barriers in business, Alejandra’s story will certainly resonate with many of you. She’s successfully turned these experiences into lessons.

Alejandra will lay out the steps she took, as a business owner to clear her financial traumas and the strategies she used to achieve financial freedom and business growth.

Let’s shine a light on this together and break free from the generational, self-reflective, systemic, and contextual financial traumas that may be holding you back from achieving true financial freedom and business growth. Let’s dive in and uncover the steps to clear these traumas and pave the way for your success.

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1. Financial Trauma for Business Owners: Uncover the keys to breaking free from financial stress and unlocking a path to abundance.

Self-Worth-And-Money- Healing-Financial-Trauma-For-Business-Owners-From-Self-Reflection

Here’s the deal – financial trauma might feel impossibly large when you’re in its midst, but it’s not insurmountable.

Taking active steps towards understanding and unpicking your biases, fears, and beliefs about money can put you in the driver’s seat, taking control of your own financial story.

Talking about shaking off shackles, Alejandra Rojas offers her audience a series of emails aimed at helping them address and resolve their own financial traumas. Not just that, she invites listeners to share their experiences and insights, creating a community where people can learn and grow together. Because remember, rewriting your financial narrative isn’t a solo journey – it can truly take a village.

2. Discover how to rewrite your money story and create a legacy of prosperity for future generations.

Self-Worth-And-Money- Healing-Financial-Trauma-For-Business-Owners-From-Self-Reflection

Sometimes, the financial roadblocks we face aren’t just personal or internal—they’re systemic.

Societal barriers and implicit biases can have a profound impact on our journey to fiscal health and business growth.

Systemic financial trauma is like pushing back against an invisible force that keeps marginalizing certain groups, and it’s all entangled in this complex financial web we live in. During the conversation, Alejandra Rojas was open about the systemic barriers women face in the business world.

By acknowledging these realities, it’s possible to formulate a resistance and work through the barriers, focusing on education and empowerment. It’s not about ‘overcoming’ – it’s about ‘challenging,’ ‘transforming,’ and let’s not forget, ‘persisting.’

3. Reflecting for Financial Empowerment: Harness the power of self-reflection to make confident and impactful financial decisions.

Self-Worth-And-Money- Healing-Financial-Trauma-For-Business-Owners-From-Self-Reflection

Ever found yourself saying “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “you have to work hard for your money”? These oft-repeated phrases might be part of your generational financial trauma. It’s the baggage about bucks that’s been handed down through generations, framing how we view money and coloring our decisions with its hue.

You see, it’s like an invisible script and this script, while silently playing in the background of our lives, can have us thinking, acting and reacting in ways that we’re not even aware of.

During the chat, Alejandra Rojas explored how she’d seen this trauma impacting the individuals around her. She spoke of people whose family dynamics around money involved a lot of tension, stress, or even conflict. These individuals might then find themselves subconsciously mirroring these same attitudes in their business dealings. It can be a tricky cycle to break, but Rojas emphasizes recognizing and understanding this pattern is the first powerful step in changing it.

4. Learn how to navigate, how to overcome the financial trauma for business owners and what the barriers are to business success in the current system.

Self-Worth-And-Money- Healing-Financial-Trauma-For-Business-Owners-From-Self-Reflection

Did you know that the stories we tell ourselves about money can significantly impact our financial health? Self-reflection trauma can come from societal narratives or stereotypes we’ve internalized about wealth.

When we let these stories control our perception, though, it can cause us to fear success, limit our potential, or even feel guilty about wanting to earn more. If you feel a pang of guilt or shame when you think about hitting big financial goals, you know what we’re talking about here.

Alejandra Rojas discussed how societal portrayals of wealth and success can lead individuals to reject their financial potential. She mentioned the necessity of challenging these stories, for healing financial trauma, offering an empowering perspective on redefining our own narrative.

5. Clear the emotional clutter that is holding you back and pave the way for financial prosperity and fulfilment.

Self-Worth-And-Money- Healing-Financial-Trauma-For-Business-Owners-From-Self-Reflection

Starting a business isn’t just about freedom; it’s also the evolution of your financial views and abilities. The world of entrepreneurship comes with its own set of money-related challenges. But when you’re blindsided by the financial pressures, expenditures, and fears that come with running a business, you end up with what’s called contextual financial trauma.

During her thoughtful talk, Alejandra Rojas delved into this very issue. She compared it to wanting to run a restaurant when all your expertise is centered around being a doctor. You just don’t speak the same language, and it can feel overwhelming.

But the great news? Recognizing the problem is the first step toward finding a solution. Alejandra suggests acknowledging the stress, addressing unhelpful beliefs, and getting aligned with your financial and business goals.


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