Do you want to know how does freedom financial work in your small business? I will be sharing the solution to help you attain the success and prosperity you desire.

Here’s the thing about owning a small business: achieving financial freedom is more than just a dream. It’s a tangible goal that you can reach with the right tools and systems in place. Without clear systems, your business can become chaotic, draining your time and energy.

The solution? Develop systems that drive growth and empower you to reclaim your time, allowing you to focus on your personal and professional development. This is a critical aspect of achieving financial freedom and why we’re exploring this topic today.

By implementing clear systems in your business, you can experience the benefits of increased efficiency, higher profits, and sustainable growth.

Let’s explore how clear systems can pave the way for your business to thrive and give you an insight into how does freedom financial work.


In this episode of The Money Mindset Show, Alejandra Rojas, a Financial Professional Focused on Money Trauma delves into the significance of implementing clear systems in business.

Drawing from her own experiences, she underscores the pivotal role of systems in providing a strong foundation for growth, enabling businesses to learn from their journey and avoid repetitive mistakes.

Using relatable analogies, she highlights the necessity of establishing structured processes to support success.

Throughout the episode, Rojas shares actionable insights, emphasizing the importance of simplifying the customer experience, directing energy towards specific areas, and leveraging systems to attain financial freedom.

With practical examples and a focus on learning from real-life stories, this episode offers valuable strategies for small business owners on how does freedom financial work aiming for sustainable growth and financial independence. It presents a wealth of practical advice and real-life examples tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs seeking to elevate their businesses and achieve financial freedom.

1. Implementing business systems from the start contribute to a successful launch


Successful business launches are often reliant on the application of varied elements. One such essential aspect is implementing business systems right from the start.

The inclusion of systems not only paves the way for a smoother focus on how does freedom financial work for your business and how to grow it, but also helps with effective problem solving and the avoidance of avoidable mistakes.

Coupled with setting the tone for business operations, these systems provide a sense of structure and extends its benefits towards better scalability and improved business processes.

In Alejandra’s view, this plays a crucial role in the successful launch and growth of any business.

During a discussion, someone mentioned Alessandra, an energy healer in Italy with whom Alejandra had the opportunity to work with. She started her business by defining her offering and was able to sell it even before completion, thanks to good system implementation. Similar to Alessandra, if you have your business systems set up right from the beginning, you are likely to achieve a successful launch more comfortably. These systems assist in active data collection, providing valuable insights that predict your launch’s success.

Moreover, proper systems allow for structured customer interactions and better interpretation of your services or products by your customers. Implementing efficient systems is crucial as it brings magnified benefits to business operations.

Primarily, it enhances the business’s scalability potential and ensures a smooth customer journey by eliminating unnecessary steps in the process. A well-defined system encourages customers to stay engaged and offers them a seamless experience. 

Hence, as small business owners, crucial emphasis on system incorporation is fundamental right from the start. Establishing this early on is sure to contribute towards a successful launch, ultimately leading to progressive business growth and paving the way for how does freedom financial work.

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2. Essential systems answer how does Freedom Financial work and drive your business growth


In the convoluted landscape of modern entrepreneurship, the importance of implementing functional and efficient systems within a business cannot be overstated.

These systems act as constructive avenues that allow a smooth flow of operations and into the how does freedom financial work. Essentially, they offer a framework within which tasks, various responsibilities, and goals can be managed and fulfilled seamlessly. From understanding the customers’ language and expectations to fine-tuning the business services to accommodate these requirements, systems provide structure and clarity.

Reflecting on my own experiences, it becomes abundantly clear how essential systems are to fostering financial freedom in business. Much like Alessandra, the implementation of core systems from the onset of her journey proved instrumental to her robust business growth.

With these systems in place, she effortlessly nurtured her offerings, managed her customer relationships, and foresaw profitable campaigns with successful launches. Additionally, knowing where to channel her energy, whether on winning new clients, retaining the existing ones, or concentrating on the core of the business, she managed to raise the bar for her financial benchmarks.

Unquestionably, the significance of a well-laid system for the path towards financial freedom is glaringly authentic. This enlightenment is vital, especially for small business owners looking to make a mark in their respective industry. A refined structure that separates and delegates business functions effectively is not an option; it’s a necessity to mitigate chances of repeatable mistakes, attaining insightful data, and simplifying the customer journey.

With strategic energy alignment and purposeful execution, systems can propel the business growth, leading to the coveted aspiration of financial freedom. It is the indispensable tool entrepreneurs need in their entrepreneurial inventory to navigate the business world effectively and efficiently.

3. Business systems help in learning from a business’s story and achieving the desired outcome

Understanding the way business systems operate holds immense value, particularly in the lessons they can convey about the story of your business, and on the how does freedom financial work.

More than simple infrastructure or mechanisms for receiving payments, business systems function as conduits of information. They provide a continuous flow of data that, in turn, serve as chapters of your company’s tale.

Flexing their dual capabilities in management and storytelling, these systems emphasize and reinforce the structure, scalability, and flow required by businesses to thrive. By revealing trends, they identify bottlenecks, chart progress, and expose areas for improvement. They even play critical roles in risk management, helping to prevent avoidable blunders while illuminating clear paths towards success.

How-Does-Freedom- Financial-Work-Business-Growth-Intentional-Systems

Reflecting on the conversation with Alessandra, she puts this concept into sharp relief. In her journey towards financial freedom, she wisely sets up systems from the get-go. Not only did this enable her to sell an undeveloped offer, it also equipped her with data-driven forecasts for a successful launch. She deftly turned the workings of her systems into her own narrative unfolding, learning from each chapter to better tailor her strategies.

Alessandra’s story illustrates the potential locked within properly implemented systems; they are not simply tools for managing transactions, but instruments of learning and growth.

Unraveling the importance of this key question to you, as a reader, should now cast a sharper light on your pursuit for success by tapping inton the how does freedom financial work. Well-established business systems can illuminate the path towards achieving your desired outcomes, serving as a mirror for reflection and, frequently, the magic looking-glass that unravels the future.

Through learning from your business’s story—that is, through tracking your progress and recognizing patterns—you can more effectively circumnavigate obstacles, optimize your strategies, and calibrate according to your growth and expansion trajectory. In other words, systems provide a compass, guiding you as you chart your course and navigate your business voyage. They offer a means of understanding where you’ve been, where you are, and—most crucially—where you’re headed.

4. Simplifying customer experience through business systems help in scaling and engagement

How-Does-Freedom- Financial-Work-Business-Growth-Intentional-Systems

The essence of a well-running business lies in its operational modes and methods. It’s similar to the way a good melody requires the right harmonies and instruments and figuring out how does freedom financial work.

Simplifying the customer experience through business systems is akin to making a melody simpler and more pleasing to the ear by removing any discordant notes. This process involves eliminating what doesn’t work and enhancing what does. It’s not just about streamlining processes to make them quicker and more efficient, but also ensuring that they are still effective in meeting the customer’s needs and expectations. In other words, it makes the business functions as seamless as a good piece of music.

In the discussions during the show, between Alejandra and Alessandra, several examples were given of how this can be done. For instance, in the case of Alessandra, she implemented systems right from the get-go. This enabled her to sell her initial offer without even completing it. Thus, a simple and efficient system allowed her not only to close deals but also to gather critical data for forecasting future success.

Another key point is about selecting where to focus energy in the business — whether it’s new clients, recurring clients, or the core business operations. It’s a fine balancing act, similar to deciding which instrument plays which part in a musical piece. Having a well-defined focus, coupled with a streamlined customer experience, elevates the “frequency” of the business, leading to more successful outcomes.

Understanding why simplifying customer experience through business systems is vital as it significantly contributes to scaling and engagement. Just as a simplified and harmonious melody appeals to more listeners, a well-oiled business process entices more customers.

Moreover, this reduces customer churn due to confusion or frustration and increases the chances of customer retention. All in all, having efficient business systems not only helps improve the overall structure of the business but also significantly boosts customer impressions and experiences. Ultimately, an excellent customer experience is a beautiful melody played to perfection, resonating with the listeners and leaving a lasting impression.

Systems are the harmonies and rhythms that turn the melody of our businesses into beautiful symphonies and they can certainly lead to figuring out how does Freedom Financial work.


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