2024 is here, and many business owners have the same question related to money. How to become a successful business owner with money so that you can be financially free soon.

Well, get ready to shift your money mindset, plan for a financially free year and become a successful business owner. Join me as I share key insights to expand your resources, follow a clear strategy, and set powerful intentions. But what happens when unexpected obstacles arise? Tune in to find out.


On this episode of The Money Mindset Show, Alejandra Rojas, a Financial Professional Focused on Money Trauma dives into the crucial shift in money mindset necessary for effectively planning a financially free year.

She shares her personal journey of finding pleasure in financial planning, positioning it as a tool for expansion rather than a constraint.

Rojas encourages listeners to reframe their perspective, emphasizing that planning can fuel their goals and provide a clear path to financial freedom.

Throughout the episode, she presents key insights, including viewing planning as an expansion rather than a scarcity mindset, following a clear financial freedom strategy, and setting powerful intentions.

Her approachable and relatable style makes this episode a must-listen for individuals seeking financial freedom and to become a successful business owner, as she offers practical and actionable advice to shift their money mindset and achieve their financial goals.

So, if you’re looking to break free from limiting financial beliefs and embark on a path to financial freedom, this episode is packed with valuable insights to guide you on your journey.

1.Shifting Money Mindset Narratives


There’s a common narrative that people often follow when it comes to handling money. It typically involves worrying about what you don’t have or focusing on the mistakes you’ve made in the past.

This way of thinking can be detrimental, leading to stress and keeping us trapped in a cycle of negative thoughts and actions around money. Taking a step back and rerouting this narrative – shifting your perspective – can produce transformative results. It can significantly elevate the way you manage your finances, enabling you to take control and move forward towards financial freedom.

Now, consider Alejandra Rojas and her words. She’s aware that the word “planning” triggers negative feelings in many of us. This negativity stems from the mindset that planning equates to the correction of past mistakes, which consequently makes us dread it. According to Rojas, however, there’s so much more to financial planning than mere correction. She views it as a tool for enjoyment, growth, and expansion; a method to achieve the goals she has set for herself.

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2. Financial Planning as a Tool of Expansion


When you think about financial planning, what pops into your mind? Constraint, pressure, stress? If so, it’s time to flip that narrative.

Thinking of financial planning as a way to become a successful business owner, and as a means to expand your resources can be empowering. Rather than taking a restrictive approach, seeing it as a tool that can fuel your goals can bring about a great deal of freedom and accomplishment. This shift in perspective can open up new possibilities and opportunities for personal and financial growth.

This is precisely Rojas’ approach. She doesn’t see financial planning as a constraint that restricts her actions, but as a tool for expansion that can help her grow and thrive. By focusing on what she needs to achieve her goals rather than dwelling on what she’s lacking, she manages to maintain a positive and expansive outlook on financial planning.

Her perspective offers a refreshing counterbalance to the narrative often propagated by the finance industry and potentially serves as an inspiration for her listeners.

3. Following the Financial Freedom Strategy

Imagine having a clear path, a road map towards financial freedom. This isn’t about scrambling and panicking, trying to figure out what to do next. Instead, it’s about having a clear strategy and protocols to follow, making each step of the journey more manageable and less overwhelming.

This strategy can provide structure, ultimately leading to a sense of ease and confidence as you navigate the often complex domain of financial planning.

Now, here’s the thing: Alejandra Rojas has mastered this. She follows a financial freedom strategy, a clear path that she knows will lead her to her financial goals and can lead you too on how to become a successful business owner. And it’s not just about following a path for her; it’s about going with the flow, which makes the planning process less daunting.

This technique enables her to avoid feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about what to do next, providing her with the confidence needed to effectively plan for a financially free year.


4. Setting Intention for Financial Planning

Alejandra emphasizes the significance of business owners setting intentions with the necessary energy, time, and thought.

She discusses the role of intention in driving behavior and motivates listeners to draft their intentions for a financially free year, highlighting the importance of intention in achieving financial goals.


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