Want to learn how to manifest financial freedom and your personal and business goals? Here’s a solution that will help you harness the power of manifestation and create the life you’ve always dreamed of as a business owner.

Get ready to discover the key to unlocking your potential for manifesting financial freedom and more. 

Uncover the unexpected journey from manifestation to pregnancy with Alejandra Rojas, Financial Professional Focused on Money Trauma and special guest Hannah Summerhill, a versatile writer for renowned publications like Vogue and L, who embarked on her manifestation journey in 2007, after encountering “The Secret” during a college summer job.

Through her deep exploration of the law of attraction and personal development, Hannah has seamlessly woven manifestation into her creative work, activism, and daily life, leading to remarkable achievements.

You won’t believe how a simple desire led to a life-changing transformation. Dive into the magical world of manifesting and more with a surprising twist that will leave you wanting more.

I think starting small and believable and then building up trust in yourself really helps, knowing that if anything comes up that feels like it derails you, maybe you’re trying to manifest money, but you get a big bill in the mail or your taxes are due, and it can be really hard to live in that belief and trust, that energy matters, that there is more than the 3D, that we can change things with our vibration because we have so much as, you know, trauma, which feels very heavy attached to things like money. – Hannah Summerhill.

Let’s dive into the proven techniques for achieving financial freedom and personal growth.


In this episode of The Money Mindset Show, prepare yourself for an enlightening conversation with Alejandra Rojas, Financial Professional Focused on Money Trauma and our special guest Hannah, as they share their experiences and knowledge on how to manifest financial freedom and personal improvement.

Hannah will delve into the details of her journey, shedding light on her personal four-step manifestation process and its impact on her life, both professionally and personally. Her insights and experiences provide valuable guidance for individuals seeking to manifest abundance, financial freedom and personal growth, making her a trusted voice in the realm of manifestation and self-discovery.

Her approach to manifestation emphasizes the significance of embracing both the peaks and valleys of the process, offering a refreshing and relatable perspective. 

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1. Master the step-by-step process of how to manifest financial freedom and achieve your goals.


Getting the knack of manifestation can seem daunting at first, especially when it comes to our financial goals and the desire to manifest financial freedom. However, it’s important to remember that the power of manifestation lies within our thought process and energy.

Expanding our financial goals goes beyond just dreaming of a number; it entails visualizing the fulfilling lifestyle that comes with it, the meaningful experiences it brings, and the positive impacts it can allow us to make.

This shifts our focus from the goal itself to the incredible journey and growth that it ignites. During the episode, our special guest Hannah Summerhill, beautifully demonstrated how this shift in mindset played a crucial role in her manifestation journey.

She shares her personal experience of desiring to interview Christina Aguilera, and how it wasn’t just about the interview itself but the emotions, growth, and self-discovery that came with it. As Hannah put it, “manifestation is a deep spiritual process that involves both high and low moments.” This perspective helps understand that each step of the journey, including the low moments, are part of getting closer to our desires and wishes.

2. Conquer uncertainty to unlock your full manifestation potential and create the life you desire.


Uncertainty might seem scary, like a distant fog looming at the corner, but learning to embrace it can yield profound personal growth.

Life’s richness is found in its unpredictability, and while it’s natural to crave security and certainty, it’s worthwhile noting that the most transformative times of our lives often happen during periods of confusion and discomfort. It’s in these uncertain times that we get to test our strengths, trust the process and grow into better versions of ourselves.

This was something that resonated during the conversation when Hannah shared her four-step manifestation process. She discussed how uncertainty, although challenging, actually paved the way for personal growth. It’s not about sidestepping the confusion but rather confronting it, understanding its value, and using this understanding to fuel one’s journey to manifestation.

Embracing uncertainty as part of the process not only strengthens your trust in yourself but also fosters resilience, a valuable tool in any manifestation journey, such as manifesting financial freedom.

3. Redefine the money equation: manifest financial freedom.


Many of us, in one way or another, have associated money with negative emotions or experiences such as stress, deprivation, or disparity. This negative connotation has clouded our perception of money and its genuine essence, which goes beyond an “input-output equation.”

In reality, money is an exchange of energy that allows us to experience, grow, and influence the world around us positively. Alejandra Rojas, Financial Professional Focused on Money Tra and Hannah introduced a refreshing perspective on understanding money not just as a numeric value but also an energetic flow.

Hannah insisted that even bills count as receptivity to this flow. By altering our perception of bills, we can shift them from being a source of stress to an opportunity for personal growth and financial awakening. This mindset reflects the potential to redefine our relationship with money and our understanding of its equation.

4. The Power of Safe Containers: Build a supportive community to amplify your manifestation efforts.


Safe spaces or containers are powerful tools in achieving inner peace and clarity. They serve as a sanctuary where one can freely express their thoughts, fears, challenges, and triumphs.

These containers provide an opportunity for personal growth and introspection, which is incredibly supportive in a manifestation journey.

One such container is the Sunday Night Manifestation Club. This platform was praised by Hannah as being an uplifting space that nurtures positive energy and personal growth. The club is a testament to the transformative power of creating safe containers that foster a sense of trust and empowerment, necessary in discovering the potential one has to manifest their heart’s desires.

The power of communities like these is the reassurance that we’re not alone, and we can embark on the journey of manifestation collectively.

5. How the Manifestation Process Works.


We’ve all been there, daydreaming about our biggest aspirations in life.

Whether it’s a dream job, financial freedom, the love of your life, or that once-in-a-lifetime interview, it’s something that brings us skies-high excitement. To see that dream materialize feels surreal, much like what Hannah felt when her wish to interview pop sensation Christina Aguilera came true.

Recalling her process, Hannah openly shared how she used manifestation not just to score the interview, but the journey that led to it. She talked about her growing obsession with the singer and how she harnessed this energy, believing that somehow, their paths would cross. And they did. It was not just another manifestation piece in her portfolio, but a testament to her faith in her practice, patience, and the universe.

Truly, her story paints a vibrant tapestry of the manifestation process and how it works.


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