The M.E.S.S Method: Your Path to Financial Success

Navigate Your Financial Journey with a Trauma-Informed Approach

As a financial coach with a difference, Alejandra Rojas has pioneered The M.E.S.S™ Method, a transformative approach that empowers female entrepreneurs to shift their money mindset, understand their emotional relationship with money, design a strategic financial plan, and create a synergy for financial success.

The M.E.S.S™ Method – More Than Just Financial Planning







The M.E.S.S™ Method is not your typical financial planning strategy. It addresses your financial life as a whole, taking into account the emotional and mindset aspects that are often overlooked yet are crucial to achieving financial freedom.

This trauma-informed approach ensures that you’re not just strategically managing your business finances, but also addressing any deep-seated limiting beliefs or financial trauma that may be hindering your growth.

Why Choose The M.E.S.S Method?

Our unique method takes you through a series of methodological steps, helping you navigate the layers of your financial life, so you can increase your income, cultivate a healthier relationship with money, and grow your business. It’s all about making personal finance all about you.

The M.E.S.S™ Method is designed to create lasting results. We’re not just looking for quick fixes; we aim to induce subconscious changes in your habits and behaviours around money. The results speak for themselves: individuals using this method have shown to increase their income by over 150% within the first 90 days and reduce their financial stress by 30%.

How The M.E.S.S Method Works

1. Draft the Vision

Define your financial goals on both personal and business levels.

2. Address the Objection

Understand what’s been holding you back. Examine past experiences and identify why previous strategies didn’t work.

3. Clear the Financial Trauma

Apply our trauma-informed approach to address and resolve past financial trauma.

4. Reprogram with New Beliefs

Replace limiting beliefs with ones that serve your financial goals.

5. Draw the Processes

Strategize your business growth including pricing, income projections, opportunities visibility, and money management.

6. Create a Plan

Develop a holistic plan based on your new beliefs and processes using Money Brain Frameworks.

7. Address Triggered Financial Trauma

Recognize and manage any financial trauma triggered during the process.

Ready to Overcome Your Financial Trauma and Achieve Success?

If you’re ready to take control of your financial life, overcome limiting beliefs and achieve your goals, The M.E.S.S™ Method is the key. Let’s unlock the door to your financial freedom together.