Unlock your money and mindset potential and break free from guilt and shame as you are guided through the conflicting journey ¡to achieve financial liberation and success in 2024!

Feeling guilty or ashamed of financial success is a common yet misunderstood issue faced by many.

It’s crucial to address this because such feelings can stifle ambition, hinder financial growth, and even impact personal happiness and professional growth.

Overcoming these unwarranted emotions is key to pursuing and celebrating financial achievements unabashedly. By doing so, individuals can pave the way for a healthier money and mindset that will secure their financial future, well-being, and professional success.


In this episode of The Money Mindset Show, Alejandra Rojas, a Financial Professional Focused on Money Trauma explores the impact of guilt and shame on financial success and business, particularly for women, and emphasizes the need to address and clear these narratives to pave the way for money and mindset, a positive relationship with money.

She will add to this discussion something that’s been a significant part of her own journey to financial success-guilt and shame. She has struggled with these emotions and the societal pressures that often exacerbate them. The road to financial success was often riddled with self-doubt and regret. But by addressing these feelings head-on, she has been able to overcome them and stride confidently towards her goals.

When you have the overview of your entire year, your vision becomes a buffet of options. It’s not just a glass, it’s a strategy for pleasure and passion in your business. – Alejandra Rojas

Alejandra wants to share these experiences with you, and guide you on how to do the same, offering a three-step approach to overcoming guilt and shame, and sharing personal experiences and practical advice that make this episode relatable and engaging.

In another segment, she passionately discusses the strategic nature of business and the power of intention, money and mindset in achieving success.

Her genuine support for her audience and encouragement to embrace the entrepreneurial journey with enthusiasm and optimism make this episode a valuable resource for those looking to cultivate a positive money and mindset attitude and overcome obstacles on their path to financial liberation and success.

1. Guilt and shame can hinder your path to financial success

The journey towards financial success can often be marked by numerous emotional barriers, among which guilt and shame are prominent.

It is not uncommon to struggle with these emotions about money and mindset as we navigate throughout our financial journey, hindered by societal expectations and self-set standards. They creep in when we measure our current actions or situations against what’s perceived as ‘norms.’

For instance, you might feel guilty for wanting more than what you have. Or, you might feel ashamed for not achieving your financial goals to the standard you’ve set. However, it’s important to remember that the path of financial success is one that is unique to each individual – reflective of their dreams, aspirations, and personal circumstances.

Drawing upon experiences, it’s clear that guilt and shame can act as roadblocks, preventing you from owning your numbers and pursuing your financial success. When you’re riddled with the feelings of guilt for aspiring more, you tend to restrict yourself and sabotage your own progress.


Similarly, the shame of judgment or fear of failure can lead you down the path of inaction. You might find yourself hesitant to take risks or make investments that can yield high returns for fear of failure and societal judgments. Both these emotions can, therefore, bind you in a cycle of constant self-doubt and remorse, impeding your path to financial success.

Understanding the repercussions of guilt and shame on your financial journey is crucial to breaking free from these limiting emotions and realizing your financial goals. The answer to overcoming this emotional baggage lies in defining your strategy, choosing your tools, and taking action. Having a well-determined financial strategy can provide you with a sense of direction and a clear roadmap towards success, instilling you with confidence and ideal focus for money and mindset.

By opting for tools that align with your strategy, you empower yourself to take targeted steps towards your goals. Finally, taking action is the most critical part of it all. By being proactive and engaging with your strategy and tools, you can overcome these negative emotions and pave your way to financial success.

Remember, financial success is not just about making money; it’s about feeling good about making money and owning your numbers without guilt or shame.

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2. Money and Mindset: Overcoming Guilt and Shame to Pursue Financial Goals


Money and mindset, and the feelings that go with it, can be a tricky subject, and for many people guilt and shame come with it.

This shouldn’t be the case, because seriously, who doesn’t want to be financially successful? But it’s not that simple, is it? Our past experiences, ingrained beliefs, and just the chatter around us can make the path to financial growth feel like navigating a minefield.

Negative feelings, particularly guilt and shame, can act like easily triggered traps that derail progress. There’s no doubt about it; overcoming guilt and shame is a huge step towards financial success.

In this episode, Alejandra Rojas talks about these obstacles. She thinks of them as kryptonite – things that can slow down or hinder progress. She’s dealt with these herself and knows just how potent they can be. That’s why she offers a three-step approach to handling them – Define your strategy to make your financial goals feel tangible, determine the best tools to help you achieve those goals, and then get to work!

It’s about setting a clear path, equipping yourself correctly, and taking action. It’s not about striving for perfection but for progress.

3. Defining a clear strategy unlocks the potential for sustainable financial success

Planning for the future can seem daunting, especially when it involves finances, money and mindset. But Alejandra says that just the act of setting down a clear plan can open up new paths towards financial success. She calls this approach “hardcore, pure business sense.”

It’s all about articulating your goals and then laying a clear path to your destination. No guesswork involved. On the show, Alejandra hinted at a special event she’ll host in 2024 called “Money Unleashed.”

She’s confident that it’ll provide listeners with powerful strategies and tools to jumpstart their financial journey. But before this, she advises taking the initial steps yourselves – setting down a clear strategy, identifying your best tools for the journey, and putting in the work.


4. Harnessing the power of intention and mindset elevates financial well-being and fulfillment

It’s astonishing how often we underestimate the power of the mind. The beliefs we hold can truly make or break us.

If we truly believe in something, we’re more likely to be determined, resilient, and, as a result, successful.

Alejandra Rojas also believes in the power of intention when it comes to money and mindset. She echoes the idea that success in business is predestined for those willing to walk a clearly defined path and engage with the right tools.

She believes that success is inevitable and that conviction is like an infectious boost of confidence to her listeners. Her firm belief in their success is just the push needed for those still on the fence about moving towards their financial goals.


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