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Meet The Money Mindset Expert, Alejandra Rojas

With +7  years of experience in the financial industry, Alejandra Rojas has become a sought-after Money Mindset Expert, empowering individuals and businesses to transform their financial lives through innovative strategies and actionable insights. Alejandra’s unwavering passion for helping others has led her to become a renowned speaker at conferences, workshops, and corporate events.

Combining her expertise in trauma-informed financial success, financial wellness, and overcoming limiting beliefs around money, Alejandra delivers engaging and thought-provoking presentations that inspire lasting change. From financial planning and budgeting for small businesses to pricing strategies for entrepreneurs, Alejandra covers a wide range of topics that cater to diverse audiences.

Alejandra’s unique approach to employee engagement for sales and building healthy relationships with money sets her apart from other speakers. Attendees leave her talks feeling motivated, informed, and ready to tackle their financial challenges head-on.

Invite Alejandra Rojas to speak at your next event and experience the transformative power of expert money mindset guidance.

Money Mindset Expert Speech Themes:



  • RTrauma Informed Financial Success
  • RFinancial Wellness
  • ROvercoming limiting beliefs around money
  • RFinancial planning and budgeting for small businesses
  • RPricing strategies for entrepreneurs
  • REmployee Engagement For Sales
  • RBuilding a healthy relationship with money

Diverse Speaking Engagements: Alejandra Rojas in Action

Money Mindset speaker Topics
Smart Pricing Secrets: Reprogram Mind To Stop Pricing Doubts, Anxiety and Stress

In this eye-opening interactive workshop, Alejandra Rojas shared her proven techniques for reprogramming the mind to eliminate pricing doubts, anxiety, and stress, empowering entrepreneurs to confidently set prices that reflect the true value of their products or services.

Ideal Audience: Business owners and entrepreneurs looking to overcome pricing challenges and boost profitability.

Female Entrepreneurs Talk About Money

Alejandra Rojas joined a panel of successful female entrepreneurs to discuss money-related topics, offering valuable insights and strategies for overcoming financial barriers, navigating unique challenges faced by women in business, and building a strong financial foundation for success.

Ideal Audience: Female entrepreneurs and business owners seeking inspiration and practical advice on managing finances and growing their ventures.

Master Your Mind, Close Every Sale: Stop Self-Sabotage

In this high-energy talk, Alejandra Rojas revealed the secrets to mastering one’s mindset and breaking free from self-sabotage in sales. Attendees learned powerful techniques to increase confidence, enhance their sales skills, and achieve outstanding results.

Ideal Audience: Sales professionals and entrepreneurs looking to improve their sales performance and overcome limiting beliefs.

Financial Planning For Visionary Entrepreneurs

Alejandra Rojas guided visionary entrepreneurs through the essentials of financial planning, providing actionable advice on budgeting, cash flow management, and long-term financial strategies. Attendees left with a clear roadmap for creating a prosperous and sustainable business.

Ideal Audience: Ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners seeking expert guidance on financial planning and sustainable growth strategies.

Overcoming Financial Trauma To Grow Business For CEO's

In this transformative talk, Alejandra Rojas provided CEOs with actionable strategies to overcome financial trauma and the barriers it creates. Attendees learned how to identify and address their financial triggers, paving the way for business growth and personal development.

Ideal Audience: CEOs and top-level executives seeking to overcome financial trauma and unlock their full potential for business growth.

Reprogram Mind With Money To Grow The Business

Alejandra Rojas shared her expertise on reprogramming the mind to create a healthier relationship with money. This powerful presentation provided attendees with effective techniques to break free from limiting beliefs and unleash their potential for business growth.

Ideal Audience: Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to change their money mindset and accelerate their business growth.

Healthy Financial Life when Running a Non-Profit

In this insightful presentation, Alejandra Rojas guided non-profit leaders through the essentials of managing finances and maintaining a healthy financial life. Attendees learned practical tips on budgeting, fundraising, and financial sustainability tailored to the unique challenges faced by non-profit organizations.

Ideal Audience: Non-profit leaders and board members seeking expert guidance on maintaining financial health and sustainability within their organizations.

Reprogramming Mind To Successfully Lead

Alejandra Rojas delivered an engaging talk on the power of mindset in leadership, sharing her strategies for reprogramming the mind to inspire, motivate, and drive success. Attendees left with valuable tools to enhance their leadership skills and create a positive impact on their teams.

Ideal Audience: Managers, team leaders, and executives looking to improve their leadership skills and empower their teams for success.

Reprogramming Mind to Make Inevitable Sales (Include Sales Team)

In this dynamic presentation, Alejandra Rojas revealed how reprogramming the mind can lead to inevitable sales success. Attendees, including sales teams, learned powerful techniques to overcome limiting beliefs, build confidence, and increase their sales performance.

Ideal Audience: Sales professionals, teams, and managers seeking expert insights on mindset transformation and sales success.

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Does Alejandra require any specific presentation equipment?

Alejandra generally requires a microphone, projector or screen, and a laptop connection for her presentations. Any additional equipment requirements will be discussed and confirmed during the booking process.

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Yes, Alejandra is happy to tailor her presentation to suit the unique needs of your audience or event theme. Please discuss any customization requests during the booking process to ensure the best possible outcome for your event.

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Alejandra typically requires travel and accommodations to be arranged and covered by the event organizer for In-person events depending on the distance of her current location. Specific requirements may vary depending on the event location and duration. These details will be discussed and agreed upon during the booking process.

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Yes. It depends on the format desired, the topic , and the outcome expected. All of these details will be discussed and confirmed during the booking process

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