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Money Unleashed in 2024

Real Strategies, Real Results: No Gimmicks, Just Wealth Programming

Dive into this limited secret podcast experience that delivers tangible, step-by-step how to make your business a real financial freedom tool. Say goodbye to motivational speeches that leave you without knowing exactly what to do, and hello to actionable wealth-building strategies.

More Ease, More pleasure, More money


Financial Coach featured in
Money Unleashed Program

Why Money Unleashed in 2024 is Different

We get it. There is a LOT of motivation and dreams about building a Profitable business… But What works exactly? 

Here you’ll have:

  • Proven Wealth Strategies: Dive deep into the strategies that have turned ordinary incomes into extraordinary wealth. Learn the same tactics that increased earnings from $3K to $50K in 2023.
  • Millionaire’s Toolkit: Discover the essential tools and resources that are critical for a prosperous year. These are the secret weapons of the wealthy, now revealed in our podcast.
  • Blueprint for Financial Success: Structuring your year is an art and a science. We provide you with a master plan that makes wealth accumulation not just a goal, but a guaranteed outcome.

Why This is THE WAY To Start 2024

Access to Step by Step Secrets that Others Would Never Share… 

Exclusive Insights: Gain access to knowledge that’s usually reserved for the elite. Our speakers are financial gurus who have mastered the art of wealth creation.

Convenient Learning: Absorb valuable lessons at your own pace, in your own space. Whether you’re at home, commuting, or taking a break, transformative knowledge is just a play button away.

More Than $5,000 in Value: This isn’t just another podcast. It’s a treasure trove of strategies and insights worth over $5,000, now accessible to you.

Success Stories: Hear from people just like you who have applied these strategies and witnessed their lives change. Real stories, real success.

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Tap into the Information; just few elite Have

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More Ease, More pleasure, More money

Meet Our Mentor


Alejandra’s mission extends beyond mere financial guidence. She’s sculpting a world where personal fulfillment and financial freedom don’t just coexist; they flourish in tandem.

She is a Finance Professional, specialized in Money Trauma and Money Mindset with a over seven years of experience with female entreprenurship.

The Ripples:
✔ The creation of The Money Mindset Hub Programs, an institution that beckoned global financial wizards seeking transformation.
✔ Renowned CEOs marking their calendar months ahead for that transformative session with Alejandra.
✔ A coveted speaking slot in luxury retreats, discussing the alchemy of money and mindset