Intergenerational money stories carry an emotional weight and it’s a huge part of financial trauma that could hinder your financial success and growth as a female entrepreneur. 

In this post, I’ll walk you through how understanding its significance in your professional journey is crucial, and how addressing it head-on can help you redefine your relationship with money, and trigger a transformative mindset shift. That’s the way we work inside of TMMH.

What understanding your family dynamics can unlock for your money life?

Why does it feel so difficult to change a habit and idea or even a feeling that you are no longer subscribed to when it comes to money? Did your financial trauma just appear percé or is it something that you carried throughout your whole linage? Have you ever asked yourself that question? 

Every day I support clients leveraging their own life experiences, meanings, and understandings of Money to shape and build businesses that are profitable and self-fulfilling. Most of my sessions and programs are based on removing the common blocks that society, families, and ways of living have imprinted on female entrepreneurs’ minds. 

However, in my opinion, there is a power to know the energetic exchange that those beliefs and systems can subconsciously create for you. That may just be the power of working on your money mindset with the help of family constellations. So here are some stps to break that financial trauma through this lens:

1. Acknowledge your family’s money beliefs and patterns


Acknowledging your family’s money beliefs and patterns is a vital first step in overcoming intergenerational money trauma and achieving financial freedom. 

I know you feel this already, but I can confirm that your Money mindset is significantly influenced by the experiences and attitudes of our parents and ancestors, and these beliefs can be passed down through generations, unconsciously shaping our relationship with money. 

As female entrepreneurs, understanding the root causes of your money mindset is essential to breaking free from limiting beliefs and achieving financial success. By acknowledging your family’s money beliefs, you can begin to identify patterns and thought processes that may be hindering your financial growth. 

Meenadchi, a family constellation therapist, shares her insights on how family constellation work can help female entrepreneurs confront and release their inherited beliefs and emotions surrounding money. Through family constellation therapy, individuals can explore the subconscious network of lack and limitation that often stems from previous generations. 

By identifying these mental and emotional blocks, clients can begin to release what she calls subconscious agreements, loyalties, and contracts that may be preventing them from experiencing true financial abundance and freedom. Through acknowledging and understanding their inherited beliefs and patterns, clients can create new, empowering money narratives that support their entrepreneurial success. 


2. Recognize limiting beliefs and emotions related to money


It sounds repetitive, but as essential part to clearing financial trauma, we have the recognition of beliefs and emotions related to money. 

These beliefs often shape our relationship with money, serve as roadblocks to financial success, and might even be the reason for not acknowledge of having experienced abundance in life. 

Asking questions such: 

  • How do your parents understood money and business 
  • What are the types of realities you know to be true for people that is successful with a business? 
  • What are the family dynamics that you can remember 

can be crucial conversations that will clear some of the financial trauma as they’re the key step of recognizing it and enables yout to gain control over your financial live. 

As a Female Entrepreneurs is important to make informed decisions based on your own value and desires And not so much based on what you have been conditioned to belief or  have been taught. 


3. Challenge your Status quo stuck in the money trauma


Living in a trauma response with money can feel so familiar that you dont even notice you’re living in a trauma response anymore. It’s difficult to notice that something is not working anymore if you have experienced the symptoms for an extended period of time. 

However, when you decided to have a business, subconsciously, you were signing an agreement with your subconscious to go against what is expected and that must be your most significant advantage to clear generational financial trauma. 

As I share in the podcast episode 081: Healing Intergenerational Trauma with Meendach, family dynamics can be daunting for many people, including me, a finance professional who has been in love with numbers and understanding money and human behavior.  

To unlock my path and best life with money, it became so essential to understand what my primary, secondary, and yes! because I’m Latina, third, fourth, and even fiftht family understood about money and see if I found it useful for the path I was walking. 

The crucial questions to ask here are: 

1. Does this idea, belief, or way of thinking serves me for the goal I’m working towards?

2. If I were to change this belief today, who is the first person that would come to mind?

3. Am I physically safe if I leave this belief behind today?

Answering these questions will allow your nervous system to autoregulate to the new beliefs while you challenge your status quo.

Challenging your status quo is not an option if this is your first or second business, you come from a community and family where the financial security relies on hard work and an employer” – Alejandra Rojas.

4. Release financial trauma through a family constellation session?

We had the opportunity on this episode 082 to hear how Meenadchi, a family constellation therapist discusses how family constellations and money can help individuals identify and release subconscious beliefs, emotions, and contracts that may be affecting their financial success. 

She shares that people are not taught that they can challenge their current beliefs about money and that there are different ways to approach financial wellness. Meenadchi acknowledges that it is not easy for individuals to go against the beliefs passed down by their parents and ancestors. 

However, through family constellations and her coaching practice, she guides clients in exploring their desired relationship with money and identifying the blockages in their nervous system that may be preventing that healthy connection to money.

This key step of challenging and releasing past contracts and subconscious agreements is essential for female entrepreneurs who struggle with money mindset and can be a great alternative for you if you belief and trust the power of family constellation work.

5. Redefine your Relationship with Money and grow your income.


Redefining your relationship with money to increase income when you need to clear generational trauma can look different than any other situation.

“We are creating the resources and we are creating the things that we wish would have existed in the world, which I think is like a really beautiful form of abundance.” but while your subconscious continues bringing back the safety brake, building that money relationship looking like any other one, can be dauuting.

If you are in this situation, it’s time to create a relationship with money that attends to two essentials to increase income.

1. What is a useful money relationship to have right now

2. What is it possible to do right now to have that relationship

Female entrepreneurs like you are truly changing the world, and it’s imperative to overcome intergenerational and money trauma to achieve financial freedom and success.

If you’re struggling to have a better relationship with money, increase your income and grow in your business, The Money Mindset Hub is here to help. Our programs focus on subconscious reprogramming with money, helping you build a healthier relationship with money and grow your business. Learn more about our programs here.