You know is time to get out of your own way with money.  Lack is hunting you

“I want to be my most abundant self with my business but it seems like something just blocks me every time”

Other’s people strategies won’t work. What you need is to have your personal blueprint with money.

It’s time we meet Wealthy Soul

My relationship with money, abundance have COMPLETED SHIFTED.

My relationship with money, abundance, and my KNOWING of how to achieve my dreams have COMPLETED SHIFTED.

Ale is amazing. Understanding my emotional, intuitive and unique way of interacting with money has definitely changed my financial life.

There is no doubt about money anymore. There is trust and continued improvement to have what I want and for my business to grow and continue sharing what I want to share with people. Working with Ale has been life-changing for me. And I’ll be for you too.

Becky Brandl | Transformational Coach | @becky.brandl


Stage 1. Unlearn & Open Up

This stage is about unlearning what we have been told (or not) about money so that you can tap into the mind of abundance faster than you can think of.

Divided into 2 extensive modules, unlearn and open up will get you in the exact place you want to be to see all the opportunities you have with money and your dream every single time.

Stage 1. Unlearn & Open Up
1.A Time To Unlearn
1.B Time to Open Up
Stage 2. Release & Rewire

Now we get down to business. This is where you meet your abundance of mind in every shape and form. We’re about to reprogram your mind so that you can tap into it every single time. 

2.A Releasing
2.B Rewiring


Stage 3. Develop Your Unique Blueprint


Listen anywhere at anytime

We love convenience so that the mind reprograms faster…This is why this is an audio-only experience that will be delivered via a private Podcast Feed that you can listen to anytime and anywhere. 

Prompts and Exercises 

Get your knowledge to sit deeper when you’re processing the info through prompts and exercises. You will find all of this in the show notes of each episode.

Lifetime Access

Once you’re in. You’ll always have access to this material. Yeah! Ever level of abundance mind can be developed by coming back to this course

Ready to play

You’ll receive the course in a dripping basis so that we support mind to absorb the shifts and you start receiving the content as soon as you enroll. 


Alejandra Rojas is a money mindset mentor, an afro-Latina trauma-informed finance professional founder of THE MONEY MINDSET HUB, and the host of  THE MONEY MINDSET SHOW dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in their financial growth and becoming the most profitable version of themselves using her highly effective M.E.S.S. method.

The Ripples:
✔ The creation of The Money Mindset Hub Programs, an institution that beckoned global financial wizards seeking transformation.
✔ Her voice echoing in every corner of the world through her captivating podcast, “Dear Lack, Let’s Break Up.”
✔ Renowned CEOs marking their calendar months ahead for that transformative session with Alejandra.
✔ A coveted speaking slot in luxury retreats, discussing the alchemy of money and mindset.