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The Mind Hacking Audio Series to Stop Underpricing, Pricing Doubts and Maximize Your Income – In Only in 20 Min

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Are you ready to dive deeper into the mystery of your mind, break free from money worries and grow your business?

But what if there was a proven way to ensure that your income wasn’t uncertain

What if charging Your Worth didn’t feel so damn hard and like you are stuck at the same level for months because “Why if you don’t sell anything?

Manifest Money

The real frustration comes when you’re past your second year of business and your desired income is nowhere to be found, only because of your fear of losing your current customers if you increase prices when you don’t have any idea how pricing should go.

And even worse, there is a constant battle in your head making you doubt every decision you make with money….

But what if you could completely change that reality this week?

Putting up Some darn pricing on my programs, and they are live! I don’t feel the anxiety at all anymore!

Jasmine Barcelo

Wellness Coach

I just had an incredible feeling after this… It gave me the confidence to move forward. I’m feeling a lightness inside and am excited for what’s ahead.

Kseniia Shevchenko

CEO, Rush Sender

It’s day 1 after my session, and I just received 3 times more of what I thought was possible with my business! What in the world!!

Melissa Rosario


What’s inside…

A special 5-part audio series. It guides you through understanding your money fears and helps you build a strong mindset for earning more

Pricing Strategies for female entrepreneurs

NLP Techniques: Experience how powerful your mind can be. NLP helps change your deep beliefs about money. Replace fear and doubt with strong confidence.

Effective Communication Tools: Learn to talk about your services in a way that shows their true value. Feel the thrill of watching your income grow.

Financial Knowledge: Learn the secrets of earning more. We’ll guide you through the unique element of pricing for female entrepreneurs to make it a done deal.

Imposter Syndrome Clearance: Break free from the feeling of not being good enough. Step into your true self, ready to grow your business.

Underpricing and Discounting Reprogramming: Done for you Reprogramming will stop this hurting difficulty.

Turn self-doubt and lack of confidence with money into your best magnet for revenue and clients that stay with you

After +7 years of working on finances for non-profits and corporations, I thought I had everything I needed to grow the income of my business. 

Two years into running my business, I had proven offers and concepts, and I knew I was here for the long run. It was time to focus on growing income, but…

“How much should I charge for this now?” , “Maybe it’s too expensive,”, “What if they don’t buy?” or “They don’t stay?” , “I better put some discounts first” 

Yep.. I knew what was happening!  So I rushed to buy all of those courses to reprogram and heal my money story, only to end up feeling more guilty and frustrated because I was only into it for few weeks and after no results I would turn my back to it leaving my business struggling.

Naturally, I had to create a tool that works. Where as the expert, I can cause the reprogramming for you while you only have to listen and focus on what matters – Your business!

Financial Coach


It only takes Twenty Minutes to have lifetime results

Immerse yourself in a transformative audio experience that will transform the way you think about pricing, discounting, and having a recurrent income.

With each session, you’ll be transported to a world of limitless possibilities, where you’ll experience the power of your mind to achieve your financial goals with long-lasting results.

The best part? You just gotta listen! Because I do all the reprogramming for you.

You may not always have  the time or the motivation to do the deep inner work they said you need to reprogram you mind with money while also thinking about financial strategy that works for your business. And that’s okay, because it turns out that you don’t need to.

When you use Money-Brain Frameworks, that blip of information interacting with mind causing the self-doubt and all of those sensations can be reprogram in less than 30 min. In fact, when you laser focus in a single blip like Pricing, you speed up your results even faster.

Here is Exactly what you would find inside

Learn what the Art of Smart Pricing

What is it, what is important and what are the key elements of pricing when you’re a female entrepreneur. These 2 audios say it ALL!

Reprogram Mind to Stop Underpricing

Plug your headphones and listen while I reprogram mind to understand underpricing and completely shift the perspective. This is a golden episode for sure!

Understand Discounting and use it in your favor

Learn exactly why discounts and why not and how can you use it on your favor. Your marketing would never be the same.

You have questions and we’ve answers

But you have questions and we have answers

How do I know this is for me?

SPS is for female entrepreneurs (Including side hustles) who struggle to charge their worth, are leaving money on the table because they are afraid of raising prices, and have no idea how to go about pricing from a financial and physiological perspective. If you are a female entrepreneur who is generating your desired income and has no fear, anxiety, stress, or other negative emotion when pricing, then this is NOT for you! 

I have no consistent income and living tight with money. Do I benefit from this Audio series?

Yes! Yes Yes! These series are made based on a Money-Brain Framework that helps you regulate your nervous system in no time so that you see and create clearly a consistent positive flow of money.

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There’s no refund policy.

The value you receive as soon as you enter exceeds $1999. You get your hands on it for just $47. 

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