Want to overcome the emotional toll of financial challenges as a business owner? Achieve an improved mindset and resilience in facing financial hurdles. 

Alejandra Rojas, Financial Professional Focused on Money Trauma and Money Mindset Coach will be sharing the solution so that you can achieve that result.

Understanding the importance of resilience and the right mindset in the face of financial adversity is crucial for business owners. It’s not just about the numbers, the emotional toll can have a significant impact on your personal and professional life.

By cultivating a resilient mindset and being guided by a Money Mindset Coach, you can not only navigate these challenging times with ease, but also turn these challenges into stepping stones to

The questions posed in this episode are designed to shed light on your relationship with money and offer insights that can help pave the way to financial success.

Let these insights guide you on your journey.

Remember, the road to financial freedom is not a sprint but a marathon, and every step you take brings you closer to your goal. So, keep going, keep growing, and remember – your journey is uniquely yours, Alejandra Rojas, Money Mindset Coach.


In this episode of The Money Mindset Show, Money Mindset Coach Alejandra Rojas shares her personal experience with overcoming financial trauma as a business owner helself.

Drawing from her own journey and her mother’s struggles in business, she highlights the emotional toll of financial challenges and the importance of addressing past traumas to achieve financial freedom.

She introduces a quiz to help identify different types of financial trauma and emphasizes the need to shift mindset when transitioning to entrepreneurship.

Throughout the episode, Alejandra encourages listeners to redirect negative emotions towards productive aspects of business ownership and to seek examples of successful entrepreneurs to reshape their beliefs.

Feelings like anger and even resentment add some pressure to the financial journey that is absolutely not useful in an environment where we are fundamentally changing the identity we have created or we have been building when we were the effortless receiver, Money Mindset Coach Alejandra Rojas.

By reframing beliefs, addressing emotional barriers, and honing essential skills for business ownership, she emphasizes the necessity of understanding and overcoming financial trauma to unlock success as a business owner.

This episode serves as a reminder that financial freedom is achievable with the right mindset and strategies in place, making it a valuable listen for entrepreneurs experiencing financial challenges and seeking expert guidance from a Money Mindset Coach.

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1. Overcome Financial Trauma with guidance from a Money Mindset Coach: Learn how to break free from the emotional and psychological impact of financial challenges as an entrepreneur.


As a business owner, the road to financial stability can sometimes feel like an intense roller-coaster ride, complete with unexpected twists, turns, and often, financial trauma.

Identifying such emotional turmoil early on can save you from crashing against steep bumps further down your business journey.

Reflecting on her own entrepreneurial journey, Money Mindset Coach Alejandra Rojas conveyed the profound impact of financial trauma on a business journey. Her analogy of a scale swinging between being an effortless receiver and a creator helped to highlight the importance of recognising and dealing with financial trauma for entrepreneurs.

Alejandra proved that it’s all about shifting focus, acknowledging the trauma and steering the wheel onto the road to recovery. 

2. Recognize and Address Financial Trauma: Discover how to identify and confront the hidden effects of financial stress on your mindset and well-being.


Ever wonder about those misplaced jitters at the thought of balancing the budget? It could be more than just the monthly grumble of organizing your finances. It’s called financial trauma and it’s oh-so common especially among business owners stepping into the business world.

Often, this feeling transmutes into stress and anxiety, acting as a major barrier in progressing towards financial independence. In this natter, Money Mindset Coach Alejandra Rojas astutely expressed her thoughts on the matter. The trigger for such trauma, she insists, could be as simple as weekly reminders or alerts, causing a notable shift in mood and thought process.

Alejandra’s personal story of her mother’s struggles in business creates an enlightening perspective and urges listeners to take a step back and re-evaluate their own experiences. After all, identifying the problem is the first step to solving it, right?

3. With a Money Mindset Coach, you can uncover the key mindset shifts you need to make the transition from a traditional job to a successful entrepreneurial mindset.


Sashay away from the comfort zone of a 9 to 5 and behold – a world where you become the creator or seller emerges.

In this world, the paychecks aren’t auto-deposited- you have to fetch them. It can feel like shifting gears without a clutch at times, right?

Drawing from her well of insights, Money Mindset Coach Alejandra Rojas emphasized the change required when moving from an employee to an entrepreneur. The need to step away from the preset roles and the nudge to create a world of financial steadiness tickles the ear.

What a fascinating idea to balance our financial scales between effortlessly receiving and actively creating!

4. Manage Emotional Toll of Financial Challenges:  Strategies to navigate the emotional rollercoaster of financial ups and downs as an entrepreneur.


Taking a bold stride into entrepreneurship while wrestling with the shadows of generational financial traumas is like hiking uphill with a backpack full of stones. Heavy right?

Generational trauma includes the financial behaviors and beliefs inherited from our parents, sometimes making it tough to trust in our own entrepreneur journey.

Stepping up to the mic, Alejandra Rojas Money Mindset Coach shared her echoes of generational trauma and how it served as a critical catalyst in her own financial path. Her candid account spun a narrative pulling at the common threads experienced by most budding business men and women. The gentle push to identify these inherited hurdles and leap over them truly transforms the entrepreneurial journey into a more joyful and rewarding one.

5. Clearing Financial Trauma for Success with the guidance of a Money Mindset Coach.


They say self-awareness is your secret weapon for success and guess what? It doesn’t stop at introspecting your strengths and weaknesses but extends to identifying financial traumas too.

Understanding how your past experiences and beliefs about money are impacting your current financial decisions lays the groundwork for overcoming these mental roadblocks.

In this espisode, Money Mindset Coach Alejandra Rojas stressed the importance of embracing self-reflection, highlighting how it serves as a crucial framework in clearing the path towards financial freedom.

Using tools like the Money Unleash, she argued, one could identify triggers and work towards healing financial traumas. So, it’s not about shooing away Monday alarm reminders but shaping them into motivators for a confident, secure financial future. Sounds like a plan?


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